Nuclear Energy Conference 2020

The video conference will be made using the ZOOM technology. Please connect via the following link: (The link to the ZOOM conference room will be added in advance several days before the event. Registered participants will also get it by email.)

If you have not used ZOOM before, your browser will download the client (.exe file) automatically; open it and wait for a couple of minutes until it installs. Then you will be able to join the video conference via the application, which opens outside the browser, but you do not need to install anything else.

Note: If you join via the browser (option “Join from your browser”), you will not be able to ask the speakers any questions and to switch the interpreting language.

The application shows a window where you just complete your name and email address. If you already have a ZOOM account, log in.

If the event has not started yet, you will get the following message “Please wait for the host to start this webinar”. Click on the button “Test My Speaker” to check if your computer has the correct settings – you will hear a test sound.

After the video conference starts, you will see the guests’ videos and the control bar is displayed at the bottom.

Now you can enjoy our online event.

If you have any problems joining, we can try and help you if you call us at: +420 776 467 055. Alternatively, use the more detailed instructions in English at:

If you have no previous experience with ZOOM, please join in good advance so that potential problems can be resolved.

Interaction with guests

If you want to ask a guest a question, or attach your comment, use the Question and Answer (Q & A) module in the bottom bar:

Questions are asked in writing and the host monitors them and asks them in the discussion. Any question can also be moved higher up on the list by marking it (thumb-up icon). So, if a question is on the list that you want to ask too, just mark the existing one.

Enter your question in the lower part of the window – the section “Type your question here”. Click “Send” to submit your question.

The guests mostly answer questions with “voice”, but if they choose to answer a question in writing, you will see their reply in the same window.


If you have any problem in the course of the conference, you can use the Chat icon to contact the host or technical support. Please do not ask guests any questions via the chat – they will not be answered.


Caution: The Zoom application, which enables listening to interpreting of speeches, does not work under the Linux (Debian, Ubuntu) operating system. If you want to listen to the interpreting, please connect via Zoom from a computer with a Windows or Mac operating system.