Nuclear Energy Conference 2020

Nuclear Power in a Time of Global Climate Change

6 October 2020, Smetana Hall, Czech Automobile Club, Prague

The increasingly obvious effects of global climate change and the increasingly urgent warnings of the scientific community against potential severe impacts in the coming decades strengthen the need for public debate about various aspects of the problem. One of them is the possible role of nuclear power in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The debate on this case is influenced by the fact that the economic and safety issues that have caused the nuclear industry to stagnate have still not been resolved.

Is nuclear power too expensive to be able to reduce greenhouse gases effectively? Can the high expenditures on new reactors block more efficient solutions? How will climate change affect the operation of nuclear power plants? Can the current energy demands be met if both nuclear power and fossil fuels are phased out?

The objective of the international conference NEC 2020 “Nuclear Power in a Time of Global Climate Change” is a detailed discussion with both international and Czech experts of exactly these issues, which are of fundamental importance for greenhouse gas emission reduction and for future prospects of nuclear power.


Current News:

23 March 2020 – We have had to postpone the conference (to be held in May originally) until the autumn in the optimistic belief that the coronavirus pandemic and measures related to will let us hold it. Keep an eye on this website, where you will find details about start of registration.